Tiffany Buck





I live in TZ3

Third colony of the Cnossus planet

The humans are gone

They mostly killed themselves

The people that didn’t die violently,

Died of disease

What is a simple illness to us, was deadly to them

I’ve been here five years and I hate it

The heat is unbearable

And the water that the humans loved so much is salty and changes the pigment of my blue skin

We rarely go in it

To pass the time, I dig

Looking for things left behind by the humans

I find a lot of bones, shiny objects, some in brilliant colors and others chrome, and dishes

One day I found this human-like creature made of stone

It looked human, but it had wings

I wondered if this could be a petrified superhuman

Maybe they had powers and could answer all my questions.

What is music?

Why are humans as fragile as glass?

Why did the humans want to destroy each other?

I brought this stone winged human home with me and put it under a light

I hoped the light would bring the creature back to life

Although something inside me knew, it was impossible

I knew I had to try.