Theresa Gaynord

A Gypsy’s Kiss


He loved her beneath the shadows

of Pichoca trees where white

palm leaves blew high into the

winds and vanilla vines swirled

and twisted into superfluous webs

of calico threads.


This is where she played on her

swing, suspended barefoot among

the grandeur of rock formations that

labyrinth to a sheer cliff, which

descended into the still waters of

a ghostly lake.


The porous lava of her skin was

carefully woven with the sweet

milk of life given to ghosts in a

dream, where modesty rose like

silence and atoms vibrated into

solid waves of pure color.


Grays and plums drifted across the

sky when they danced among the

eucalyptus that adorned moss covered

stones where the smell of burning sap

from copal trees served as incense

abound in the humid air.


Serenades of gypsy music and gothic

melodies terraced the red caravan with

one voice under the taps of falling rain as

the lovers kissed and sang in the silver

moonlight inspired by Mallorca wine and

fried fish served with burned mango.


Theresa Gaynord has been published in a number of magazines throughout the years.  Some of those magazines/ezines include Aphelion, Cajun Mutt Press, The Alien Buddha Press, Raven Cage, Bindweed Magazine, The Wild Word, Literary Yard, The Beatnik Cowboy, Setu Magazine, Ramingo’s Porch, The Creativity Webzine, Dissident Voice, Printed Words, and the list goes on. Theresa has also been honored to be in a number of print anthologies.