Tammy Stone Takahashi


This is you and i
looking up at the moon
contemplating our smallness

This is the moon
contemplating nothing
reserving her beauty for us

This is the space between
where holy words are fraught

with their unmaking.





When we remove the word,
what remains? The word is love.
I walk on the forest floor

that will snake up a mountain
on steps made of stone,
the peak ascending as we go.

The sun, too,
flickers in and out
from among tall cedar treetops,

glinting now and then,
blinding as she does.
Becoming blinded, as I do.

My heart begins to race.
Go slow, I tell myself.
I know where love is not.

I stumble, my mind takes me
to all the places I’ve failed,
to all the things I have believed

I cannot do. Love is not
there either. I didn’t know
how much I had been trying

to find it, in how many places.

How much I’d been trying to

formulate it,  give it a name.


Then I bring it home. I breathe.

All I have to do is realize I’ve
exhausted all other options.

I stop running from myself.
And there she is. Love
to guide me.


Tammy Stone Takahashi (Tammy T. Stone) is a Canadian writer and poet. Her short stories have been published in orion headless, Broken City Magazine, Dairy River, Grace Notes Magazine and SNReview. She has been a featured writer and columnist for elephant journal and The Tattooed Buddha, writing about wellness and the arts. Her poetry (as Tammy Takahashi) has been widely published (most recently in The Sunlight Press) and anthologized, and her first poetry collection, Formation: Along the Ganges and Back Again, was published in 2015. Her second collection, Little Poems for Big Seasons, was released in 2016, and a third, Land, was published in 2018. She has also served as co-editor on two anthologies of spiritual poetry by women writers, including Poetry as a Spiritual Practice: Illuminating the Awakened Woman (2017). Her newest collection is called 100 Days of Peace and Hope (2020).