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Before we go any further with our submission guidelines please note: we only publish work that excites us and we have confidence in (tickles our aesthetic taste buds) which means what we publish comes down to personal tastes. If we don’t publish your work, it’s not so much a judgment on the quality of your writing, as a reflection on our own personal preferences.

​POETiCA REViEW exists to promote the work of new and older poets alike, the less fortunate, the dispossessed, those without a voice, but encourage the artistic talents of all, not just a privileged minority.

All are welcome to submit. We believe a poetry ezine/journal with the philosophy of ‘inclusivity’ at its core can act as a springboard to support further artistic development, and encourage writers to keep producing and to participate more widely in the art scene.

POETiCA REViEW appreciates the hard work of others involved in the arts. It is our belief that all thinking beings are capable of producing good art, talents vary enormously among individuals, but we humans share a common language of ideas and feelings and can all make our individual contributions felt in the social and artistic life of our society. We look for the ‘good’ in everything, whether it is enjoying a good meal or looking at a painting or reading a poem.

Please submit up to 5 poems at a time (40 lines max. each poem) in the body of the email and as an attachment. Times New Roman. 12 point font only.

All submissions to be sent via email to:

Quick response to submissions, from 1 week to 1 month.


We now give you the option of making a Donation of £5 for Expedited Submissions:

Guaranteed response within 24 hours


We are a small group of only a few friends who devote our precious off-hours to this journal. We receive no support from grants or institutions, and every penny we raise here offsets the costs associated with the upkeep of the website.

Any leftover funds will go to an annual Editors’ Poetry Prize, for which all writers we publish will be considered.

​We take one-time electronic publishing rights. All rights return to the author upon publication. ​There is no submission fee.

POETiCA REViEW particularly welcomes submissions from women, people of colour, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

​Please include an author’s bio (50 – 100 words).

Remember to acknowledge POETiCA REViEW in your publishing credits.

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Although we don’t generally solicit, or publish rhyming poetry, the editors reserve the right to use rhyme, if it suits our purposes.

​We welcome social/political poetry and seek to publish marginalized voices.

​We also encourage writers to submit ekphrastic poetry and have a special interest in mental health-related issues.

ALL good things and keep writing.

The Editors.

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To get a better sense of our aesthetic, we encourage submitters to read past issues via our archives.


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