Rosalind Weaver


Rosalind Weaver is an internationally published poet living in England. She has been published in a number of journals, zines and anthologies, including most recently with As Above So Below, Voice of Eve and Dear Damsels. In 2018, her work was displayed at the annual Rape Crisis UK Conference, as well as two further exhibitions in London – ‘The Sunlight Project’ and ‘Testimony’, the latter as part of a conference hosted by UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. More recently, her work has been on exhibit with London based ‘What You Saying?’ and performed at Leeds International Festival.

Natural Disaster


Sometimes, I am the tsunami

disturbances in body

waves compounded

my salt tears crash against the shore

watch me drown in them.


Sometimes, I am the volcano

searing pain below the surface

always dormant, never extinct,

the eruption is toxic; acid rain, volcanic ash

watch me choke.


Sometimes, I am the hurricane

thick pressure on my chest

inhaling panic

towers of thunderstorms surround me

watch me spiral down, down.


Sometimes, I am the avalanche

the forces on me exceed my strength

covered in so much cold

frozen solid, numb to the core,

watch me go under.


Sometimes, I am the bushfire

one strike

sparks uncontrollable

intense destruction

watch me burn alive in it.

Sometimes, I am the earthquake

shaking on the surface

stress building, fracture growing,

fault after fault after fault,

watch me break apart.


Sometimes, I am the sinkhole

swallowed up in depression

collapsing under the weight

of everything carefully built

watch me fall.


Always, I am one with the Earth.