Poets Name

Rollo Nye is a poet and yoga teacher who lives with his wife, Amy, in New York. His poetry has appeared in various journals and reviews, including: Subterranean Blue Poetry, Mud Season Review, and The Red River Review. 



the plug

from the socket.

then everything

bounced  into the walls inside,

and against trees

and rocks,

against mountains

and stars,

and eyes and lungs

and hearts.

we are all so alone.

this poem knows, but

the brain knows

not a thing

about the poem.

failure to thrive

consider her absence

one of omission.

fear does drive some out

and into their own thicket

hidden behind stone

swallowed by the field

alone and cold

afraid of unraveling.

and like a candy wrapper

abandoned on a table

in the harshest of light

your eyes burn holes in the air

around her until the membrane is

reduced to memory

of carnivorous truths,

held in check with the might of regret.

consider these failures to thrive

a withering of the flesh

wounds in progress

the withdrawing into an in-between

a becoming of emptiness

a hollow ring.

deafening really –

just listen.