Rob Schackne

Rob Schackne was born in New York, Rob lived in many countries until Australia finally took him in. He worked for many years as a Foreign Expert EFL teacher in the People’s Republic of China. Recently returned, he is living in country Victoria, Australia, where he enjoys the fresh air and the birds. There were some extreme sports once; now he plays (mostly) respectable chess and pool. He listens to the Grateful Dead. He claims he can read Shakespeare in the original. Some days he thinks there is nothing easy about the Tao.

“Sunlight through”



Sunlight through 
a white bird’s wings
where I am right now 
the sun is setting
the radio has news
torture & indifference 
my heart must shift
to make some pasta
drink the wine alone
the poems in my head
black pepper & salami
are you a little hungry
all switch the station
it’s almost ready