Reuben Woolley

Reuben Woolley has been published in quite a few magazines such as Tears in the Fence, Lighthouse, The Interpreter’s House, the anthology, The Dizziness of Freedom, Ink Sweat & Tears, Proletarian Poetry, And Other Poems and The Poet’s Shed. He has five books to his name, the latest being some time we are heroes, published by The Corrupt Press (2018). He has a book forthcoming, this hall of several tortures, to be published by Knives Forks and Spoons Press (September 2019). He edits the online magazines, I am not a silent poet and The Curly Mind.

my desert song she sang


comes it a storm

flying i said


another breath.dusk

is a wily

thing this

misfortune my lease

of sorry / a last


    & do you want

this shining / a strained

reflection say it’s

nothing not this simple


   my refuge

a wind this is a wind

if ever there is

   & catch
the old game can you catch
a cold laugh trembling

& let the wind bleed.i will not
cry again & not for lacking.we’re
still playing cowboys & injuns

in the hurtling sand

consequences & other undesirables

empty signs wherever
a dirge

a wake

a wedding song

& how do you step

& lively / a fit

 / & figure

me this you stringless

play a sweeping run / a

slide through dumb

i hear


blue man

crying a lyric.oh

fill a loose

dance a fool’s’ll

see me bent

& is my


     transfer a body

to this my own

cracked carapace

& let the gulls feed

let your numbered mass & flow

i don’t speak &

so many words

they’re only


descriptions / a coded

sequence   /

    / all


123 see


this unfound land of


secrets & try a lie a

sickly gradient my black

diana just as likely

wised & wrinkled aren’t we all & dolls

dying on beds of paper this

world will tell & spend the wake

an older priest his dull recitals