Renee Adams

Renee Adams is a woman who retired from being a psychotherapist within the community mental health system and began to write poetry. She triesin her poetry to express my experience as a woman in this stage of a woman’s life. She is a member of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire.

Exhibit in the College Chapel


The drawing is of a woman

with her hand to her breast;

the line is delicate –

perhaps sketched as a madonna

on the crest of ecstasy.


The woman leans

far to the right of the page,

hand to our heart,

as though she will float away,

as though it is all too much.


It is a gesture we women know well –

when life has welled up

and gone beyond the boundaries

of the skin,


when we are holding in

what we can,

time beating against the fingertips

and the palm:


the weight of betrayals,

the weight of griefs

without the balm of absolution.


The artist, Barbieri, called Il Guernico,

works in ink and brown wash

that appears to caress the madonna’s

breast and limbs;


for him she will pose multiple times,

obediently, silently,

as she 


from within.

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