Milner Place Voice Poems

‘TOP HOLD’ and Other Poems


One of the great poems in English or anywhere else in the last fifty years. I was only 22 years old when Milner Place gave me this recording in 1991. I thought that it was lost forever, until I uncovered a C90 cassette tape whilst having a declutter some months ago, and was fortunate enough to get it transposed to a digital format. For many years, it has been my hope to rediscover this prescient recording and share it with the rest of the world.

Milner Place (‘THE MAN WHO HAD FORGOTTEN THE NAMES OF TREES’) was in many respects, years ahead of his time. Predating Greta Thurnburg’s protest outside the Swedish parliament (Riksdag) by almost 30 years, Milner’s prophetic poem invites the listener to journey with him as he laments ‘the rumours of great beasts carrying away trees like an army of leaf ants…’

The more one listens to these poems, the more one identifies with their insights, their lyricism and their passion. Here is a poet who knew all the colours of the desperation of hope. If these poems hadn’t already been written, they would be waiting for someone to write them down, not only for us to enjoy but as a gift to future generations.

POETiCA REViEW offers these recordings as testament to this outstanding poet’s vision and wisdom. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did in rediscovering them.

M.A.M August 2020

Milner Place