Patrick Meighan


Patrick Meighan’s poems, reviews, and translations have appeared in The Common Online, Cardinal Points, Alexandria Quarterly Magazine, and other online and print journals. His latest chapbook “Poems for a Winter Afternoon” was published in 2018 by Unsolicited Press. He teaches writing, literature, and journalism courses as a nomadic adjunct at several four-year and two-year colleges in New Hampshire

Mamicka, in small gestures


a sweetness in the simplest memories

her bare feet crossing the kitchen

her small hands kneading dough

                        like flesh

fingers stained with cinnamon and nutmeg



her kitchen was a country with its own music

                        she reigned      sometimes with benevolence

sometimes as a despot

                        banishing her children to the siberia of the backyard

when they got underfoot.



                        i, the youngest, must imagine her pregnant,

a young postwar bride kneading dough like her captain’s flesh

                                                singing softly to herself

in her mother’s language, the language of babushkas and scrambled eggs



such songs of nadej and laskavost

(too hopeful, too kind for what the future held)