Nicole Horowitz

Nicole Horowitz is a creative writer and graduate currently attending Oregon State University’s school of Writing, Literature and Film. She is a founding member of @Teakneezine, and a strong believer that writing should cross boundaries; whether in medium, genre, or politics. 

Apple Pie



Somewhere deep

In former South Vietnam

I visited some tunnels

Where fleeing villagers used to live


Where B52s used to explode

cratering the land.

Until it was

A moon made of jungle.


What strikes me most today

Is not the pockmarked land

Or the wrecked American tank

Overgrown with wild vines.

But the muffled scream

of my Scottish friend

Upon hearing a gunshot ring

from the nearby shooting range.


I didn’t flinch.

Why would I?

I am, after all



A gunshot to me

Is like Apple Pie

A thick poison

Of homegrown flavor.


Does poison taste the same

In Vietnam? Does it still reek

Of Napalm,

American gunpowder,

And all the

messes we’ve made?