Michael McCormic

Michael McCormick’s award-winning fiction, poetry, and articles have appeared in many journals and anthologies. He is currently writing an urban fantasy novel. Mike belongs to the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA), Codex Writers Group, League of Minnesota Poets (LOMP), and The Loft Literary Center. Mike & his wife Laura split their time between Saint Paul, Minnesota and Lake Superior. They enjoy travel, hiking, Tai Chi, and perplexing cats. They have two grown daughters and a growing collection of books, vinyl records, ceramic owls, peculiar rocks, and other anachronisms.



Drop the needle

Kill the lights


number nine

number nine


“This must be what acid’s like?”


Her blue Marantz eyes

hot breath on my cheek


I listen for clues

and prepare for revelations







black ribbon red bow


in another’s garden

flower seeds we planted years ago


too hard the season

too soon the frost


blossoms freeze and dance

away on thieving winds







Lantern sputters

in a hollow hole


Eggless shells

groan and crack


A hungry fox

climbs the stair


eyes shining

in the failing light