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It’s not going anywhere

and it’s too big 

to see all at once


so we examine one small area

or use a compass

or take a picture



to make us feel better

about being small


but that doesn’t change

reality, it just changes

our little experience


which is also a kind

of reality, but not

the one I mean.



I want you


Let me do to you

what moths do

to cherry trees –


Love you

into oblivion.


Michael Favala Goldman (b.1966) is a poet, a jazz clarinetist and a widely-published translator of Danish literature. Over 140 of his translations and poems have appeared in literary journals. Among his fifteen translated books are The Water Farm Trilogy by Cecil Bødker, Dependency by Tove Ditlevsen (a Penguin Classic), and Something To Live Up To – Selected Poems of Benny Andersen. His first book of poetry, Who has time for this? was published in 2020. He lives in Northampton, MA, where he has been running bi-monthly poetry critique groups since 2018. www.hammerandhorn.net