Mary Clark

Mary Clark is a writer from Tulsa, Oklahoma living in Los Angeles. I volunteer with the Prison Education Project, teaching creative writing. I am 26, identify as a woman and work as a nanny and bartender in L.A. I am excited to share these poems from what I hope will be my first collection of poetry.

Joker again


coat hangs on the back of his chair

he’s watching compilations


Nora is here

sifting through Cisneros


I have been thinking about joker all day


he rises in front of his coat

stumbling through Tupperware


everyone came here from somewhere

the movie just went like this:


what is loneliness?

is it my fault?









looking at a bruised peach

as if I made it up


right now

I’d be jealous of me


shielding the sunset on

a gravel driveway

in OjaiĀ 


sitting here with the remains of my manicure

on another person’s table


sitting with her while she beads bracelets that say whore and slut

for her first day of high school


this (teen) dream is a centerfold



or a rope unhooked


through my hands