Lenny DellaRocca

Lenny DellaRocca is founder and co-publisher of South Florida Poetry Journal-SoFloPoJo. He is honored to be among a stellar one-up of poets at the 2019 Miami Book Fair, where he’ll read from his latest collection, Festival of Dangerous Ideas (Unsolicited Press, 2019). His chap, Things I See in the Fire won the 2018 Yellow Jacket Press contest. His work has appeared in many small presses since 1980.


Do Not Read This Poem



if you sneeze at the mention of pantoums, 

get hives in the presence of puns 

or sweat at the sight of imagery.

If you are pregnant or would like

to become pregnant, see your workshop facilitator

and ask if this poem is right for you.

Rubbing out words from this poem

can allude to deconstruction and reference

erasure poems of ill repute.  

Should you feel faint when certain 

likenesses appear, 

seek a simile immediately.

This poem has been tested in blind

clinical trials where some readers

suffered from not getting it, thoughts of

why doesn’t it rhyme? or seizures

in an absence of meter.

If you or someone you know

suffers from symptoms such as

liberal language, intellectual iambs,

loads of laughter at alliteration or

an erection for more than

two consecutive readings of this poem, 

contact your English professor.