John Drudge

John Drudge works as a clinical social worker and holds degrees in Social Work, Psychology, and Rehabilitation Services and has studied philosophy extensively. He is an avid traveler and a long-term student of the martial arts holding a 3rd degree black-belt in Kempo Karate. His diverse educational and experiential background gives him a broad base from which to approach many topics in his poetry. John currently lives with his wife and two children in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. 



We have tasted much and swam

In the tender moonlight

Of misgiving

We have walked with shadows

And drank away our sorrows

With desire

We have breathed the fickle scorn

Of creation

And touched with trepidation

The ever faster flutter

Of the angel’s waiting wing



Up in Idaho


The cold came up

In an instant

As the days grew shorter

In the cabin

On the lake road

A small fire

Sputtering as a backdrop

To the silence

Of his shadow flickering

On the wall behind him


Was behind him now

The smiles and the darkness

The points of melody

And contention

A still symphony

Of the entire thing

Laying lifeless

Beneath the carcass of it all



Vice and Style


With the heavy curtains drawn

A photograph of lost smiles

Propped against the lamp

On a dusty end-table

Spilled red wine

On a vast brocade sofa

Vice and style

Inextricably intertwined

He sat receded

In an oversized chair

By the fire

Staring into everything

That had gone before


Her face

Her touch

And the whispers

Of a forgotten wind

That he struggled to hear

Just once more.