Johanna Antonia Zomers


Johana Antonia Zomers is a former organic sheep farmer, a poet, a playwright with Stone Fence Theatre and writes a weekly column for a Canadian newspaper. Her first novel “When the Light Enters” was published with Pastora de la Vega Press. She divides her time between writing her second novel, editing a collection of essays and agonizing over a collection of new poems. She is inspired by solo travel, the Camino Santiago, rural life and the creative boost of winters in Spain and Ireland.

Donegal Wedding on the Old Place



We dance in that barn now

small beneath the soaring

angled timbers, garlanded

for our celebration.


We dance for the promise of

love. We dance for

the nuptials, tipsy,

drunk with sentimentality.


We dance among

the ghosts of hay days

gleaming fragrant summer loads

dropped from the high gliding fork.


It was often starlight before the day’s

work was done; they made the time  

reluctantly, for the tasks of

marrying and burying.



The full-uddered cows

waited below

shifting in the stall, creak

and rattle of chain on the rail.


Remembered shapes breathing in the dusk

stepping from hoof to hoof

unwilling to relinquish their

pioneer cathedral to our

music quickened feet.






Dove grey and green

land of sea and harp

Washed by soothing rain. History’s mirror,

landscapes wild and sharp


as widow’s sorrow. Silver-slicked street,

mossy cross of weathered stone

Scudding clouds, patch of blue

snapping fires, music blown.


 I have chosen distant paths,

Afoot, alone, the pilgrim’s way

Forgetting comfort, forgetting home

The journey is the goal, they say



I’ve set the course, I’ll pass on by

The lamplit snugs with glowing coal

deny that which my heart desires

my own lost hearth, my home


When sadness wanes and spring

returns, I’ll heed the homeward plea,

Until then, Ireland’s welcome bosom

Is warm and home enough for me.

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