Ibrahim Honjo

Ibrahim Honjo is a poet-writer, sculptor, painter, photographer, former journalist and property manager who write in his native language and in English. His work has appeared in many magazines, newspapers, and on radio stations in Yugoslavia, Canada and US. He is the author of 29 published books and 2 books with another authors. His work is represented in more than 30 anthologies. His poetry has been translated into: Italian, Korean, Spanish, Bahasa (Malaysia), Mongolian, Slovenian and German. He received several poetry awards.

The Stone

They never asked me

For my name

They wanted my identity card

Or its number

I did not have one

I said Stone

They laughed

Asked me where I was from

From the stone – I said

They asked for my age

Twenty pebbles – I answered

And showed them gray spotted pebbles

They are opening their hearts to me

I am closing the doorway on the invisible wall 

Which divides us

And I am going away