Henry Bladon


Henry is a writer of short fiction and poetry based in Somerset in the UK. His work can be seen in Spillwords Press, Pure Slush, Truth Serum Press, and Poetica Review, among other places.



As I washed my hands

for the fiftieth time,

I thought about

the conversations

we always had.


I always asked you,

‘What’s normal?’

which was a question

you were never

able to answer.


Then I considered the fact

that now everyone is

doing the same,

and wondered what you

would have said to that.





Whatever will we do…

with the priest who lost his faith

and the man who lost his wife

and the woman who lost her daughter,

the dog who lost his ball

the patient who lost his mind

the traveller who lost his ticket

the soldier who lost his leg

the tree that lost its leaves

the customer who lost his wallet

and the teacher who lost his temper?


We can’t tell them all that time will heal their mourning.