David Appelbaum

David Appelbaum has worked in the university and in publishing, and is an author who specializes in the work of writing.  His most recent books include notes on water: an aqueous phenomenology [Monkfish, 2018].

hummingbird to the window


I’m all used up


hearing me say I’m done


meaning dry  finished  history


flown in from South America

distance and time

vibrate with true feeling


my own thoughts

and fingerprints

their glorious stuff


we look

(if bird eyes are frontal)

and nod words across

the thin glass pane


—can we come down

from the clouds now?


—yes, but only for a short







one small crow

to  larger one



isn’t it time

(that doesn’t exist)


to learn

once and for all


the difference

it makes


to pass over

the seed bed

for the corn silk

and kernels


to survey it all?


whereas the other



to crow

is to count


the future present

among one’s possessions


and eat here now