Poetry Critiquing Option

Poetry Critique Option




About Our Feedback

We are now offering a Critiquing Option (£3 for 1 poem, £5 for 2 poems, or £10 for 5 poems) for any poets wishing to receive feedback and editorial suggestions on improving their technique. Any poets requiring our critical feedback must stipulate which poem(s) they wish us to critique in their covering letter (max 5 poems). We aim to respond within 48 hours.

We will include detailed feedback on what may or may not be working, and on what we liked and didn’t like about a poem, or poems of your choice from the submission, suggestions for revision, where it might be a good fit, and other comments about craft. Be sure to email us if you are interested.



All critiques comprise of the editors’ subjective opinions only.

£3 for 1 Poem

£5 for 2 Poems

£10 for 5 Poems


Email and website fields can be left blank but please add a name thank you...

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that a poem I submitted, “Broken Parable” has been taken by another magazine. I hope this isn’t a problem and that you will continue considering the rest of the group.

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