Colin Dodds

Poets biography

Beside the Treadmill


A tense and charming woman in a café

has her own confused intentions

written on her hands


A severe woman with elaborately braided hair

and a sweater more knotted than knit

slumps in a restaurant window and chews wrathfully


A woman on the sidewalk impersonates serenity

so the effort shows, mouth taut striding

like she has a full teacup in her vagina

Women in Williamsburg daydream

a thousand ways off

the virgin-mother-crone treadmill


The moonfaced nymph with pixie ears

and tattoos climbing her neck as if ravished

by calligraphic beasts of the imagination

loiters and reconnoiters for a man who believes


that the sweat of musicians

and the blood of martyrs is a fair price

to free one half-suspicious woman

from the prison galaxies

of summarization