Carson Pytell



Without the knowledge

we are damned to

glad ingratitude.


Captives of content, we turn out

too taken, held, Stockholmed

to read what writes us.


Life does that to people.

We shape heroes and hope from stars

which spell always, everywhere:

Morte me fecit.

Carson Pytell is a poet living in a small town outside Albany, NY. His work has appeared in numerous venues online and is currently available or forthcoming in print from such publications as Vita Brevis Press, The Virginia Normal, NoD Magazine, Blue Moon Lit & Art Review, Spank the Carp, Crack the Spine, Futures Trading, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Gideon Poetry Review, and Children, Churches & Daddies, among others. His debut collection, First-Year (Alien Buddha Press, 2020), and his first chapbook, Trail (Guerrilla Genesis Press, 2020), are available on Amazon.