Brett Stout

Brett Stout is a 40-year-old writer and artist originally from Atlanta, GA. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and paramedic. He writes now while mainly hung-over on white lined paper in a small cramped apartment in Myrtle Beach, SC. He has published several novels of prose and poetry including Lab Rat Manifesto, and has been featured in a vast range of various media including Brown University and the University of California.

“Dirt, I Miss You Dearly”



stop on,


the cautious dare of cadmium yellow

tinged fossils and

an angry sun

a father’s deceptive words

on worker’s comp

bring forth rust tinged

staples and nails

reverse osmosis shoulder the rocks

of despair and divorces

dirty coolers


dirtier gloves

stained discount motel room sheets

rented by

the week not the day


stop on,


gas station fueled stomachs and rage

you can make it out of here

I lie to myself

Lysol bodies


99.9% of germs

but not herpes

hammers continuously lie and cheat



red southern dirt crumbles

beneath black tires of exploitation

and weathered South Carolina hands

hardened steel crawl slowly towards


a dark afternoon sky

paint a flag

take a picture

you fucking tourist


stop on,


take a break

tie a classical noose

hang the helmet

from Nam’ to this

burn a tree in effigy

take a piss forgotten in the forest

stake the ground

the others

soon enough.




“A Porcelain God, My Dentist”



I don’t know,

2:48 a.m. and I still don’t know,


chattering teeth and cement

decreases over time

fire safety control

doesn’t burn down trailers

just my trachea

sell me discount cigarettes without talking to me

my couch is rotting

with food that I stole from Bi-Lo

I starred into the cameras and waved

I stole a buggy and hit your car with it

I wasn’t really sorry

because I was drunk

he slept in my car

my battery died and

I hated homeless people for a decade,


I don’t know,

2:49 a.m. and I still don’t know,


I made a mix tape

and put it in a drawer

my gums are bleeding

I poked them

with a stick

there are two blackheads in my ear

no one will squeeze them

for me

I cleaned my toilet

instead of socializing with strangers

everyone is a stranger

that is not me,


I don’t know,

2:50 a.m. and I still don’t know.