Antoni Ooto

Antoni Ooto is a poet and flash fiction writer who came to writing late. Known for his bstract expressionist art, Antoni now finds his voice in poetry.  His love of reading and studying many poets has opened and offered him a new form of self expression. His works have been published in  Front Porch Review, Amethyst Review, Nixes Mate Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, and many others. He lives and works in upstate New York with his wife poet/ storyteller, Judy DeCroce.





Everything was so important once.

Each minute, leading him here.


His thoughts of tomorrow, left to tomorrow,

as more of him disappears


He sits talking to himself about himself

while the mirror considers what is left.


He’s never alone in his head,

crowded even,


voices, old haunts, games in vacant lots;

all those loves…so much gone.


“I’m in the middle of everything…

with no time left.”


A day finds its way

as he ticks down.



Elegy for a Hard Year



Carving the way to a vanished point

subtracting the hours,


arcs of snow assail my face,

my legs in icy spray.


The plow at full throttle—

a standoff.


Street signs lean in white face,

as trees shake to attention.



When both

parents die in the same year,


the world quiets

centering the noise to the heart.


            My mistake thinking it was finished.