Anahit Arustamyan

Anahit Arustamyan is an Armenian poetess. Her poems have appeared in different poetry magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of 5 poetry books: The Queen Of Metaphors, My Intoxicated Ink, The Phantom’s Dolphin, Words In Flight, and The Canvas Of My Soul which are available on Amazon.


I had inherited the sins from others long before I was born.

I inherited  pains and sorrows heavier than ancient stones.

I was gifted with love when I felt the presence of my Lord.

I inherited my name from the Goddess whose myth is  still told.

A millennium or a minute is the same for rivers in winters’ cold.

Despite my Goddess’s name my being is both real and phantom.

The snow’s embroidery melted and gave its whiteness to the smoke.

The grey smoke doesn’t know if it once shone.

I keep love in my heart but pain remains in my bones.

I inherited the sin from Eve when I was unborn.

Love will save my soul but my myth will not be told.