Amy Gaeta

Amy Gaeta is a poet and Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Amy’s creative work explores how trauma and injury are ordinary and mundane conditions that shape how we perceive and order the world. Her poetry has been published in various local venues, museum catalogs, and journals. A selection of these include Soundings East, Crab Fat Magazine, OPE! A Madison Anthology, and the 2016 Poetry Speaks catalogue from the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. She grew up in Boston and now resides in Madison, WI.

A Myth of Plastic, Us


There’s a time now that sits on top of the Mariana Trench.

Right where fiber cables

awake next to all

the dead myths I wrote about you,

about continents, about the iridescent

shade that our eyes

take on when ship wakes wake us

On top that trench, that time is home


I’ve slept there dreaming of no filter

Parliaments and my smoke rings dazzling fish heads.

Don’t be

scared, be terrified— this poem isn’t

fantasy and our fires do burn out and

this time exists until it doesn’t


You’d rather not be here, a trench filled

to human infinity of inhumanity and microplastics.

The back of the double stitched thick sea forest? We must buy it before

someone else, become hoarders of the dead myths and bottle caps,

mold us into an empire for us to destroy ourselves

with, and create a time to forget.