Abisiama Udorn

Abasiama Udom is a poet and writer. She currently is studying Education and has interests in matters of the afterlife, human nature, politics and creativity. When not writing Abasiama is sleeping, dancing or causing trouble. She can be found on Twitter @AneuPoet




With eyes to see beyond the day,

hands with the speed of the tiger

I know for certain,

we do not belong here

where mortals dance and play

living for pleasure daily.

We do not belong in the drudgery of rest

of fantasies, dreams with eyes closed

for we dream with our eyes wide open

creators of worlds the world over.

We take you by the hand

lead you to anguish – pain

in the pages of a book

No! We do not belong here

in this playground for mortals

we go where men dread and angels dare

between earth and heaven we dwell

bodies out of a mortal body

beings finding space in one abode

all trying to survive.


We do not belong here

feet firmly planted on earth

We do not belong in time

for time is stopped, nature on recess.

We do not belong in the watery dispensation

in the ache, the thirst for water

for our soul is a spring ever dripping

you and I together, for our abode is within

the pages of a book, the contours of a story

the linings of a poem, the colours of a song

the tales of a painting, the silence of a play

the inner horrors of a comedy,

the spell of a romance,

the tunes of a mystery

the whispers in our heads,

we go where men dread and angels dare.

Our anguished bodies plod on in this time

awaiting divinity in outpouring,

You and I, We do not belong here.


Never have we belonged.