Lucy Newlyn

Lucy Newlyn, a retired academic, is the author of two collections of poetry: Ginnel (Oxford Poets/Carcanet, 2005) and Earth’s Almanac (Enitharmon, 2015). A third collection, Vital Stream, is forthcoming with Carcanet in November 2019. She has recently published Diary of a Bipolar Explorer (Signal, 2018), a fifteen-year memoir describing her experience of the connection between Bipolar Disorder and creative process.




I have spent the morning among words.

They sprout, with dark blue florets;

they bend their yellow faces on tall stems;

they hide, pale and low, behind uncut grass;

they climb grey-grainy bark towards the sky.


There are too many words coming between me

and the pool of hyacinths, daffodils, primroses

under the wrinkled apple-tree.

I will spend the afternoon discarding

all the words I know for Spring.