Joshua Zelesnick

Joshua Zelesnick’s poems can be found or are forthcoming in various journals and magazines, among them Jubilat, Word For/Word, Juked, and DIAGRAM. A chapbook, Cherub Poems, will be coming out from Bonfire Books this fall. He teaches Library classes for a public school in Pittsburgh, where he lives with his partner and two young daughters in a garden co-housing community. With friends, he helps host a living room music and reading series.



crosses loomed over the roman

empire to warn people that they

could be killed whenever—

nose cone, two wings and a tail


can’t hide from the crucifixion

no god, just pilates

recycled over and over

in their cockpits of chain command


prefects from judea

to dc, they encircle, share

secrets serene through the crosshairs

the empire is a gravedigger