Jennifer Jordán Schaller

My poetry and essays have appeared in or are forthcoming from Tiny Seed Literary Magazine, Literary Mama, Cutbank, Creative Nonfiction, Ascent (this essay was nominated for a Pushcart), Sonora Review, among other places. And I had a radio story on This American Life.

I teach English and college writing in Albuquerque.

Vagina as Top Hat


I choose you first, 

my favorite game 

piece in Monopoly. 

With your full crown, 

you match my frock 

coat made of black 

silk; that’s a lie, I 

don’t own a frock 

coat. But I wear you 

even though use of 

you fell into decline. 

I wear you: wide-

brimmed, ornate, and 

opalescent. Comfy in 

my morning dress, 

I wear you, like JFK 

wore you back in 

  1. I once saw a 

man pull a rabbit out 

of you, but you perform

better during weddings, 

funerals, and horse 

races: any destination 

that screams class. 

Sometimes you are collapsible, a canal that can be breached. 

J.P. Morgan rode in a limo with a roof so high, he never had to take you off. 


Letter from the Editor


You should be more reverent

when you write about your vagina,

for it is the birthplace of us all,

origin of the cosmos.


When you write about your vagina,

never mind that one time,

remember, origin of the cosmos.

Forget your cervix made a stew.


Forget that one time

what looked like hamburger meat,

spewed from your cervix.

The nurse said it was fetus,  


what looked like hamburger meat.

Pieces of creation made you toxic,

stagnant fetus sat in your birth canal.

Why tell me this now?


Cosmic soup of creation could’ve killed you,

that imagery is offensive.

What is a canal anyway?

Don’t remind me of blood.


That imagery is terrible.

I don’t want to know about clots;

don’t remind me of blood.

You might offend someone.


I don’t want to know about clots

when you write about your vagina.

You might offend someone.

Can you be sympathetic


when you write about your vagina?

Can you alter your truth?

Be more sympathetic when you write.

Behold, vaginas.