Jack Henry

My name is jack henry and i am a california based poet/writer.  while i have been on hiatus for 10 years i have recently returned to writing and my first lover, poetry.  in the last several months i have been published in red fez, dope fiend daily, winamop, dissident voices, horror sleaze trash, bold monkey, and others.  i manage and publish heroin love songs.

a green flash across a settling sea,



i remember

sitting in the sun,
watching light change;
watching the sun
evaporate & fade,
            an old wino finding
            a dusty spot to spend the night;


when light blinks out,

green flashes across a settling sea,
i smile, my day complete;

young and foolish, want of nothing,
the world in my hands, or at least
a small part, my part, wrapped
in my quivering hands;

and yet i could feel the shadows grow;

even then;
an icy hand of time and death
touches my skin as i clench my
fists tight;


and when i opened my hands,
under the lustful gaze of fluorescent light,
the world, a small part, my part,
drifts languidly into a darkening night;


as i grow old it lingers, still out of reach,
something i will never hold tight, not like those
early days when i knew no better and
nothing appeared out of reach;