Dotty LeMieux



The road is narrow


It is night and Lisa drives

the Volkswagen slowly

away from the writers’ conference


I sit behind and light her cigarettes


Every few hundred feet our headlights

come back at us, bouncing off a bend

or a patch of fog on the road


We come to a town called Marshall 

and head straight for the bar –

The Marshall Tavern


Lisa says there will be music there

and men who won’t judge us

on our poetic sensibilities


The road straightens beyond

the signpost where fog overtakes

the bay to our left.


Watching it swirl and thicken, I think –


So this

is what it’s like at the bottom

of the ocean – dense

and we grow gills


Dotty LeMieux has had pieces published or forthcoming in Poets Reading the News, MacQueen’s Magazine, Writers Resist, Mill Valley Literary Anthology among others. She lives and works in Northern California helping progressive candidates get elected and she is active in the Marin Poetry Center.