Dan Provost

Dan Provost’s poetry has been published throughout the small press for a number of years.  He is the author of ten books, his latest Wear Brighter Colors was accepted by Analog Press.  He lives in Berlin, New Hampshire.






A cast of characters

talking, lying—

Cheating on their taxes…


Their wives…


Spewing more

Kafka vomit to endorse

aptitude among the

assholes who need intellectual



Journey far from

those who keep pushing

the form rather than the



The air is thick

up there; poets,

generals, novelists,





Will all try to block

us in with

runaround rhetoric.


Sample if you must,

but take it as a grain

of shit.  Move on,

carry your story, your

sights on what is in

front of you. 


This trip don’t last long

friend, enemy or whatever

the hell you are.


Let the sellers sell…

The talkers ramble…


In time—everything ends.


No need to fret…they, us—




Have no control over sealed