Austin Alexis

¬†Austin Alexis has published in Shot Glass Journal, Danse Macabre, Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, Poetry Pacific (Canada) and in other journals and anthologies. He is the author of Privacy Issues (Broadside Lotus Press, Detroit, 2014) and two chapbooks: Lovers and Drag Queens and For Lincoln & Other Poems. He received a Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Scholarship.



Australian Aboriginal Art


The human head, displayed

in various positions:

vertically, horizontally,

slanted on sly diagonals

as if the pictures wish to hide

the embedded stories they whisper.


Hands touching other hands,

a circle of hands

or a line of people

holding hands,

reinforcing the value of community

while gaining the respect of outsiders.


A language in these works

speaks of religion, of history,

articulates Creation

on rocks, on tree barks, even spread on leaves.

This oldest unbroken tradition of art

tells of the dreamtime when diverse beings

roaming in the time before time

breathed the galaxies into existence.