Alan Parry

Alan Parry is a poet, playwright and editor from Merseyside, England. He is an English Literature graduate and English teacher. Alan enjoys gritty realism, open ends, miniature schnauzers and 60s girl groups. He has previously had work published by Dream Noir, Streetcake Magazine, Black Bough Poems and others. He cites Alan Bennett, Jack Kerouac and James Joyce as inspiration. 

Night-Blooming Jasmine


i deposit my heartbreak

at the foot of the night-blooming jasmine –

watering her with

tears –



from yesterday’s proceedings –


i appreciate the

long, dry walk to my


alone – but not lonely –


& i doth my

cap & smile at

three children

playing in

the shade of the alleyway –

whose faces i have never

seen before


i think,

last night, a pensive poet died

& this morning

a comfort set in





when he succumbed,

there were mute tears & embraces –

she remained dignified –       

stoic –



she was ruthless & fierce –

never sudden –


defying grief,

she hinted at contentment –



interrupted the steady flow of

damson jam, sloe gin & knitted jumpers



In Havana


in Havana

amidst ghosts of writers

stand battle-worn bronzes of revolutionaries


in Havana

locks of cigar smoke drift

from old men in white hats sat on wrought iron balconies


in Havana

honeyed air is punctured

by the lilt of jazz guitars & rhyme of purred verse


in Havana

elaborate archways

proudly painted in sun-bleached Caribbean pastels.


in Havana

people spill from coffee shops

drunk on pulsing beats & the wealth of history