“When all is said and done a poem is only another attempt
to lay claim to the past, recall past care, beyond
the careless present, secretly or otherwise, write time.”
Mark A. Murphy


In November 2018, our Chief Editor participated in the Tupelo Press 30/30 poetry challenge, writing a poem a day for every day of the month. Here (to the right) is one of the poems from that challenge.


We will choose a different ekphrastic poem here every month to showcase the best of any ekphrastic submissions we receive. So, don’t delay. Submit to us today.

Poem of the Month

Hunters in the Snow


I am no human seeker trudging through the January snow,

no hunter’s fox slung casually over a shoulder,

no panicked rabbit running for its life, no singeing pig


to be turned on the fire, no exhausted dog

losing the scent, castigated by its master, no sainted stag,

no pious metaphor, no child’s plaything,


no trophy kill.



Soaring far and wide above the high horizon — we

corvid brothers live and die just as you

under the overcast sky, wintering in, shuttering down,


eyeing the heroic Alpine mountains, and the intimate play

of the earth-born young on the ice fields

of the Netherlandish lowlands


skating, curling, faltering, falling and ultimately failing,

mirroring all of creation’s creatures, capturing

the duality of our shared nature,


surviving the winter freeze —

honouring the hard-packed snow

as much as we loathe it.


What Adam learned in the garden
he had to live with all his life.
That it was she who brought ghosts
into the world through bloody thrall
while he plowed the thick turf
God had granted him — the ground
that gave nothing freely, though he bled
when the gritty wind pocked his face
and the soil itself bled waste against him.
How he howled to make God hear when
the cracked earth stung his buttocks,
but without words yet to reinvent himself
he lost many nights in trances.
The world was transparent to him,
sunlit and hard to withstand its pain,
yet he could see everything unfold as if
he saw it all through a glass clearly.
She will stay with him, lay down in travail
and call the ghosts that make her belly swell.

Will Reger.

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Due to popular demand, we couldn’t resist sharing one more of our editor’s poems from his 30/30 challenge with Tupelo Press…



Hypervigilance is no secret of the mad – 


(the goatee beard  

the bulging eyes  

the pencil mustache) 


    No crowning fancy of the grieving mind, 

but the application of grief/ 

freefloating doubt  

writ large in red and black acrylic 

upon the Masonite panel, 

wearing the bearer out more surely than loss itself. 




Ninner stratagem or outward maneuver 

to belay the intractable delusions  

of the irrational thinker/ 


No beta blocker fix/No yogic flying/No sacred mantra/ 


No meticulous breathing  

to stunt/frustrate 

the onset of panic in head and heart/ 


No feel the fear and do it anyway/No inner-peace/NO WAY… 




How does one enjoy Munch’s ‘Anxiety’ 

as a work of art – might we not more properly say, ‘endure/ 

study,’ or ‘evaluate/appreciate,’ as we process  

the motivations of Boersma’s subject ‘enjoying’ Munch? 




deaths3 funerals… 

3 eulogies in just over 7 days, 100’s of mourners 

Assorted bowler’s, black ties, top hats… 

1 woman in green dress facing it head on…’ 

Please watch Lefty Caligari’s trailor for his short art/poetry film box set. Each film is a finely crafted, EXISTENTIAL TIME BOMB waiting to explode! See our Archive page for more films from Lefty Caligari. Watch at your own risk!

Lefty’s Video Poem, ‘Still and Fractured States’ is a brilliant fantasia on the first flowering and then the inevitable floundering of all relationships. Lefty ‘crossed the bridge’ many times on his ‘journeys between still and fractured states’ before his premature passing at the age of 49. Over the next period, we hope to bring you all of his available Video Poems in the hope that you will join us in saluting his great skill as a writer and visionary ‘videographer.’

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